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  • Where are you located?
    Our main teaching apiary is located on the outskirts of Dunmow, in the village of Little Canfield. We are 20 minutes from Stansted Airport.
  • Can I visit anytime?
    Whilst we welcome visitors to our Apiary, all visits must be pre-arranged. You are also welcome to visit our shop via appointment.
  • What should I wear?
    Bees do sting so we recommend wearing long sleeved clothing and long trousers for your experience. You will also need to wear wellies or sturdy boots with thick socks. We will provide you with suitable protective clothing.
  • What facilities are there at the apiary?
    Unfortunately, there are no facilities at our apiary. For those who book on the Beekeeper Experience Day, there are toilet and hand washing facilities back at our house, where we will have lunch and finish the afternoon sessions.
  • Can I watch my friends / family on their experience?
    For an additional fee, friends and other family members can join you on the final part of your day for tea and cake and the talk, ‘Beyond the Bees’. Please email us to arrange this. During your visit, friends and family members can head off and explore the many footpaths around the apiary, returning in time for the final session.
  • Can I bring my child?
    Children aged 7 and up are welcome to join us for the Taster session, they must be accompanied by a paying adult, who will remain responsible for them throughout the session. Why not book a private bee experience for the family to enjoy? Email us for further information on our private experience days.
  • Will I have to handle the bees on my experience?
    This experience is tailored to everyone’s needs and interests. For some people, handling bees and being as up close and possible with them will be the highlight of their day whereas for others, just being in proximity of a hive will be sufficient. We will always check with you prior to opening hives and offering frames of bees for handling to check you are comfortable. Whether you handle the bees or not, there will be much to learn.
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