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Swarm Collection

We are happy to provide a Honeybee swarm collection service, free of charge in the local area.

Swarming is a natural process for the honeybee.  It is the colony reproducing by the old queen and leaving the colony with some bees and a new queen ready to hatch.  The bees leave the hive, usually in a very large number, and find somewhere to hang in a cluster until the scout bees decide on their new home.  Swarming usually occurs from May until the end of July and often happens between 11am and 4pm.  Honeybees will settle to their cluster in about 15 minutes and whilst it may seem dramatic and possibly frightening, it is nothing to worry about.  Simply, stay out of their way and let them find their spot.  Once there, they won’t move again until they are ready to fly off to their next forever home.
Collecting a swarm is usually a two-part process.  Firstly, we will get the bees into a box and then we will need to move the bees in the box to our apiary.  At best, this is a few hours work.

If you call us to remove your swarm, we may ask you the following questions:

  1. What can you see / what have you seen?  Can you send us a picture?

  2. What size is the cluster?  Is it the size of a football ball?

  3. Where is the cluster? In a chimney, on a tree branch, in brambles etc

  4. How high up is the cluster?

  5. How long have they been there?

  6. Will we need to bring other equipment such as a ladder, set of steps, cutters?

  7. Have you called anyone else?

  8. What is the address?  What3Words works really well for us

The best way to get in touch with us is to call us directly by clicking the links below:

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